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August 17th - 19th 2018
August 18th, 2018
Tattooing Seminar with Rember Orellana
When: Saturday August 18th at 11 am
Registration: $200.  Call Dark Age Tattoo Studio M-F at 940-898-8200 to register.

Rember's seminar will  be a black and gray seminar where he will be explaining his process from design, composition,placement and application, He will be focusing on explaining the different art concepts that make a great  tattoo, He will  explain how to achieve dimension, techniques to build up values , smooth shading and 2 hours of live tattooing as well as displaying prerecorded material of Rember tattooing. 

August 19th, 2018
Thinking Outside Tattooing with Bryan Sanchez
When: Sunday August 19 at noon
Price: FREE

Many Tattoo Artists in the industry have learned their techniques by replicating from their mentors or from other tattoos they saw.  This path has led many artists to repeat certain “formulas” without knowing the real reason they make these choices or why these formulas work.  Some artists just line and color simply because they were taught that’s what works.
Through academic fundamentals, using reference outside of tattooing, and the experimentation process, this seminar will open the artistic spectrum to artists of all mediums. Whether you are a painter, tattoo artist, or just interested in learning more about the art process, this will help you stray from mimicking other artists and find your path to building an artistic style.